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Ole Larsen er bl.a. forfatter til bogen Slut med hovedpine, rygsmerter og andre plager
Forfatter, stress- og allergibehandler,
Ole Larsen.
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E-bøger af stresskonsulent Ole Larsen


English: Headache and backache by Ole Larsen

Ole Larsen's bestselling cult book - now as e-book. The paper version has sold more than 30,000 copies. 

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"3 months after my slipped disc surgery my condition was so bad that the chief physician at Roskilde Hospital prepared me for a life in a wheelchair," says Ole Larsen.

"Rehabilitation in the hot tub could not be granted because the doctor did not expect that it would yield results. I was angry and went to the bank and got an overdraft facility of DKK 100,000. With the money a lot of doors opened for competent doctors and alternative practitioners. Each especially helped a little, and together they made me healthy and painless. "

This book describes in detail, the program Ole Larsen used to heal himself. Use the book as a guide, if you have pain or other plagues. The book is a challenge to all those who say that one must learn to live with his pain. The book gives hope and is therefore the perfect gift for those who have pain and other plagues.

Learn to understand the cause of your pain, and fight it with funds that do not have side effects.

"I recommend Ole Larsen's book for people with back pain, arthritis problems and headaches," says Carsten Vagn Hansen, “Radiodoktoren”.

 Price: DKK 147 incl. taxes for 310 pages.   

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English: Headache and backache by Ole Larsen
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